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Terms and Conditions

If I registered my classes or my kid's classes as a student, I agree on the following terms and conditions:

  • After taking three days free trial classes, I shall decide whether or not to continue with the classes.
  • Once I decide to continue, I shall pay the agreed upon fee at the due date - monthly fees are paid in advance i.e. if I start my regular classes on 3rd of any month, I've to submit dues on 3rd of that specific month.
  • VBAS Academy reserves the right to stop the classes if the payment will be delayed for more than 10 days after due date.
  • Incase student wishes to hold the classes for time being and intends to continue with same teacher, VBAS Academy may charge the half fee per student for recreation of slot.
  • VBAS Academy can change my teacher anytime if needed.
  • VBAS Academy can change the teacher on my request, if another teacher is available.
  • My class timing (schedule) can only be changed (on my request), if another time slot with the same teacher is available.
  • My classes can be ceased (paused) if I do not pay fee on the due date.
  • If I'll be absent in any class due to problem at my end, It is not necessary that I'll get makeup classes from my teacher.
  • If I missed any class without prior notice (exception for medical cases), absent will be marked and no makeup class will be arranged.
  • Make up classes can be arranged with the same teacher only if the teacher is available on the required time.
  • I'll be eligible for discounts if it was agreed between me and the sales agent at the time of trial booking.
  • VBAS may stop the classes if I will remain absent for more than two weeks without prior notice. Will be expelled.
  • In case the teacher resigns/terminated, students are requested not to stay in touch with individuals, if found in touch and getting tuitions from same teacher by any other source or any other institution will be charged 6 months minimum fee according to rules.
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