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1. What are the requirements to get the online classes?

Following things are required to start the online classes:

  • A computer with working internet connection
  • A Headphone with Mic
  • Skype ID (For Audio Conversation)
  • Team Viewer (For Screen Sharing)

2. How the Online Class will take place?

You have to come online on the Skype at the class time and teacher will call you over the Skype for audio conversation and Teacher will give you the ID & Password of Team Viewer so that the student can see the lesson on the Teacher's screen with the help of team viewer.

1. How Do I Login?

VBAS Academy will send you a Welcome Email at the time of Registration of your kids, it will contain a Username and Password. You can enter that Username and Password on the home page of our website which is https://www.vbasacademy.com/customer/

2. What should I do if I am unable to Login?

If you are unable to Login by using your assigned username and password you can contact to our support department by calling them or by email, they will get back to you ASAP.

3. What if I forget my Password?

you forget your password then you can click on FORGOT PASSWORD button on website, it wil ask you to write down your email ID which you have given at the time of Registration then click on GET PASSWORD button on the screen, after this we will send you a new Password so that you may Login to your account.

4. What can I reset my password?

After Logging in to your account you can also reset the password of your online account by simply going to the MY ACCOUNT tab on the left side of the screen and then choose the Option of RESET PASSWORD from the drop down menu, it will ask you to enter the Old Password first and then enter your New password after that click on RESET PASSWORD button on the screen, you password will be Reset.

1. How Can I Register My Kids with VBAS Academy?

Everyone can Register his/her own or kid's classes by calling us on our inbound numbers which are give on our Website https://vbasacademy.com/index.php our customer services department will guide you to the Registration Process. We offer Three Days Trial classes free of cost after that you can move forward by paying us the fee to make the Regular with VBAS Academy.

2. What is Trial Class?

VBAS Academy is offering Three Days free of cost Trial classes before signing up with VBAS Academy. You can choose Three Days of your choice* to get the trial classes, we will book these classes in our online system and will send you confirmation through Email as well.

3. What should I have to do after the Trial Classes?

If you are satisfied after taking Three days free trial then you will have to pay the Agreed upon fee to make the classes Regular and to Sign up with VBAS Academy.

4. What are the facilities I can get from VBAS Academy if I register my kids with VBAS Academy?

If you register the classes of your kids with VBAS Academy, then we will provide a Unique Username and Password, you can login to our website by using that Username and Password.
By Logging in to your account you can:

  • View the Children Details
  • Request to Register other children
  • Reset your Password
  • Set Email Reminders for Payment due date, Daily class report and Absent Report.
  • Add your/kid's picture as a display image.
  • Send complaints/suggestions by Creating New Ticket
  • Track your Tickets by Unique Ticket Numbers
1. Which Timing and Days are available for the classes?

VBAS Academy is available 24 hours a day and we offer the classes in the following days

  • Monday to Wednesday
  • Thursday to Saturday
  • Monday to Friday
  • Monday to Saturday

You have to select one of the mentioned Schedules and Half an hour* for all the selected days to start the classes.

*(Class Timing must be same in all the selected days)

2. What if I want to change the class timings?

After being regular student you can change the time Twice by calling us on our Inbound numbers or by creating a NEW TICKET you can also request for the time change by sending us an email on our following email ID support@vbasacademy.com

3. In which conditions VBAS Academy can change my Teacher?

If you request to change the timing or Days of the classes then VBAS Academy reserves the right to change your teacher if the current teacher is not available.

1. What are the courses offered by VBAS Academy?

VBAS Academy is offering the following courses:

  • Quran Learning with Tajweed
  • Qirat
  • Translation
  • Tafseer
  • Memorization of Quran Pak
  • 60-70 Duas
  • Ahdith
  • Prayer with Translation
  • Six Kalimas
  • Religious Grooming Classes

VBAS Academy is also offering the following courses:

  • Arabic Language Course
  • Urdu Language Course
  • English Language Course
  • Basic Computer Course

1. How can I know about my Kid's Absentees?

VBAS Academy provides this facility to its Regular/Paid customers to get the Absent report of their kids so that they may remain updated regarding their kid's attendance in the classes as well.

2. Does VBAS Academy is providing facilities on SMS?

Yes, VBAS Academy is providing many services to its customers on SMS as well.

3. What facilities I can get if I avail the SMS facility?

VBAS Academy is providing the following facilities through SMS:

  • Payment Date Alert
  • Absent Report of student
  • New Offers/Promotions
1. How can I know about the Payment Date every month?

Our Automated system will send you a reminder on your email before your payment date so that you may know about your fee before it gets over due.
You can
VBAS Academy provides the reminder facility through SMS alert as well*
*(Subject to membership plan)

2. Can I pay full course fee at once?

Yes you can pay full course fee at once. It totally depends upon you. You can also pay full course fee in two installments as well.

3. Does VBAS Academy accept the payments through PayPal?

Yes, we accept the payments through PayPal. If you have PayPal account then you can pay us on the following Email ID paypal@nsol.sg

4. What if I don't want to create PayPal account, can I still pay through PayPal?

If you don't want to create any PayPal account then you can pay us through PayPal Invoice. We will send you PayPal Invoice on your Email ID and you can process that invoice by using your VISA/MASTER card.

5. Can I use my Credit/Debit Card to pay the fee to VBAS Academy?

Yes, you can use your VISA/MASTER credit or debit card online for the payment. You can pay us through Debit/Credit card on our website.

6. Can I give my Card details to VBAS Academy?

Yes, we accept the details of the Credit/Debit cards in case if you want us to charge your card on your behalf, then we will take down your Card info to charge the payment with your permission but we will DELETE the given information right after charging the payment.

7. What if I don't want to use my Credit/Debit Card for the payment?

If you don't want to use your credit/debit card for the payment then you can send us the fee through Western Union or Money Gram as well on the following details:

Shakeel Munir
Date Of Birth:
Mobile No:
Office Address:
Office No. B-130, 2nd Floor, Rupyal Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

8. Can I send the payment in any Bank Account?

Yes , we also accept the payments through Bank. If you want to send us the fee through Bank Account then you can send us on the following Bank Account details:

Bank Name:
Bank of Punjab (BOP) (Pakistan)
Account Title:
Bir Al Sabia Technologies
Account No:
Chandni Chowk Branch, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Branch Code:
Swift Code:

Bank Name:
United Bank Limited (UBL) (Pakistan)
Account Title:
Bir Al Sabia Technologies
Account No:
Chandni Chowk Branch, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Branch Code:
Swift Code:

Bank Name:
Allied Bank Limited (ABL) (Pakistan)
Account Title:
Shahid Umar
Account No:
Chandni Chowk Branch, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Branch Code:
Swift Code:

Bank Name:
United Overseas Bank (UOB)* (Singapore)
Account Title:
Niku Solutions Pte Ltd
Account No:
Swift Code:
Bank Code:
Branch Code:
*(UOB Bank Account details are only for customers from Singapore)

1. How can I Log a Complaint if required?

You can Login to our website by using your Username and Password, you will get the option of "Customer Support" and you have to choose the option of "NEW TICKET" from the drop down menu. Whenever you log the complaint our system will notify you on your given email ID.

2. How can I know about the action on my complaint?

Our Customer Support Department is strictly instructed to resolve the problems of our Customers within 48-72 working hours. You will get the updates time by time whenever our Customer Support Department will reply on your TICKET.

3. What is a Tracking ID?

Whenever you generate a New Ticket successfully, your complaint/suggestion/request will be logged with a Unique ID
For example VBA:12345678
You can track your ticket at any point of time by using the unique ID of your Ticket through Track Ticket section in customer panel.

1. What is Make Up class?

If a student missed his/her class because of any problem from our side then VBAS Academy will provide the Make Up class in order to facilitate that student to cover up the missed class.

2. How would I know whether my make up class is scheduled or not?

Whenever a teacher will send the request to schedule your Make Up class, you will be notified through email that your Request for Make up class has been processed and forwarded to the Manager for the approval, when the Manager will approve the Make Up class, you will get the notification again through Email to confirm you that your make up class has been approved, you have to be online for the Makeup class at the mutually decided time.

3. What if I miss my regular class?

Whenever you will miss the class Teacher will mark ABSENT in our online system and if you have informed the teacher then teacher will mark LEAVE in our online system but if the problem is from our side that we didn't provide the substitute teacher in the absence of your regular teacher or in case of any problem from our side then we will provide you the MAKE-UP class.

4. What if I didn't come online for the Make Up class?

Before deciding the makeup class time, teacher or Manager will talk to you and they will decide the time with you for the Makeup class, after that we will reserve a Teacher for you to give Makeup class at the decided time, but if you don't come online for the makeup class then VBAS Academy will no more be responsible or bound to provide that makeup class again.

5. What if I forgot to come online for the class?

If you appear offline at your class time then our Teacher will call you on your Landline number to remind you for the class and the call will be forwarded to your Cell Number if not answered on your Landline. For this we need your Landline and Cell number as well.

6. How can I contact you if I don't see the Teacher online?

You can call us any time on our given contact numbers or you can email us on our mentioned email ID of support@vbasacademy.com

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