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Introduction of Arabic language

Introduction of Arabic language
Introduction of Arabic language


Arabic language is an old language.20 million people speak Arabic as a mother tongue.

It is spoken understood and taught in every country. Every country has such institutions in which Arabic language is taught specially in western countries It is language of quran, Ahadith,fiqah,tafseer and all Islamic knowledge Quran is revealed in proper Arabic language as Allah says : “And we have cited for people all sorts of examples in this Quran,so that they may receive the message.

Through an Arabic Quran that has no disgression,so that they may be God-fearing [Sura Zumar aya27,28]”

The holy prophet said

Love the Arabic for 3 reasons 1 I am Arabic 2 language of quran is Arabic 3 language of paradise people is Arabic.

Arabic language is so sweet and very easy to learn.eg if anyone learn paradigm of 14 words only he will be able to know more than thousands words we have to follow same structure again and again and basic words come again and again they help the learners not only understanding Quran and Ahadich but also in speaking Arabic with Arabian people.

We are offering Arabic language courses for all people of world who are interested in learning Arabic grammar, Quran grammer,speaking Arabic understanding, reading and writing.

New learners will able to speak basic Arabic language and understanding as well This course is beneficent for those who have a little bit knowledge about Arabic is it up to learners in very short time they can learn Arabic through this course If anyone has done Arabic language course and complete the basic rules of Arabic language we provide them highest course which include top Arabic rules and research about every Arabic word

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