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Paragraph About V.BAS Academy

VBAS is one of the project of Niku Solutions Pte Ltd registered in Singapore with the collaboration of Bir Al Sabia Technologies (Pvt) Ltd having the company registration no 0068853 under SECP.

VBAS is one of the pioneers who started spreading online education worldwide. VBAS started providing online education with online Quran classes way back in 2009 with the concept of giving opportunity to those families who were unable to find teachers for their kids or where there were no masajids near to their homes. Now Alhamdulillah we have more than 2000 families who are currently taking education from us and more than these already finished their learning of Quran with us.

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About Niku Solutions (NSOL)About NSOL

Welcome to the most exciting and fastest growing online academy in the world. Virtual BAS Academy (V. BAS Academy) is one of the projects of Niku Solutions PTE LTD; it has been providing Online Education/Distance Education for thousands of students and young adults worldwide. Distance education or distance learning is a field of education that focuses on teaching methods and technology with the aim of delivering teaching, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. Learning online education is most modern and easiest way. Academy has proudly took a step to teach Quran-e-Pak in start and now in order to know the importance of practical course which help us normally in our career development, different courses are being offered.

It is through this close working relationship with top Scholars and professionals that V-BAS has developed an appreciation , gratitude and a clear understanding ....


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Saima Taj :
14 Feb 2015

  My son Amaz started learning QURAN from Taleem- a-Quran. It has nearly been 10 months now and he has started reading QURAN on his own. The teachers are very helpful and understanding and fulfill the individual student's needs.

This company and their teachers are doing an excellent job due to which children living overseas have benefited and have learns to read the QURAN Shareef . Therefore we thank the organization and their teachers for their effort in making this possible.  

Ishrat Nasreen :
04 Feb 2015

  Taleem e Quran has been amazingly wonderful institute for teaching Quran Sharif to my children. I was very concerned for my children about learning Quran as it was so difficult to find any Quran teacher who can regularly teach them. Getting too worried I was asking every muslim friends if they do know where my kids can learn Quran. Thanks to one of my friend informed me about Taleem-e-Quran, even though I wasn't very sure if it is going to work, I enrolled both of my kids and I was really amazed to see the progress within few days. My son has completed Quran Sharif (Alhamdulillah) within a year and my daughter is learning so well. What I can say, Fantastic management, qualified and co operative teachers, best of all no need to worry where to find Quran teacher?

Proud mother of Mushahid Khan and Misha Khan  

Eman Mother :
02 Feb 2015

  Masha Allah Eman classes is going very good, Her Teacher is also very nice teacher. She takes regular classes on time. Insha'Allah Eman will also give a good performance.

Thank you  

Rayyaan Ali Khan:
01 Feb 2015

  I am writing this to thank you for helping Ali to start the Quran. It's been around 2 years Ali has been studying with your academy and mostly enjoys his time studying there. I feel your academy is innovative and better than other places where Ali's cousins study.

I am very grateful and happy with teacher. She knows very well how to maintain Ali's interest in studies and does extra activities for the same. She has very good knowledge and she sincerely passes it on to her students. I pray and wish for her success.

I once again thank you and am happy the way Ali is going with his studies. I won't hesitate in recommending your academy to others.


Imran Janjua:
29 Jan 2015

  I have had a great experience with Taleem e Quran academy. My daughter started almost a year ago n mashaAllah she has picked up so well in just one year. She is 5 now n started Quran e Pak because of extraordinary efforts of her teacher. I find the best teacher for my daughter. She knows very well how to grab kids attention n tackle them in all sorts of difficult situations specially keeping a track of time. I have known my daughter to be very punctual n cooperative in all areas of teaching. She would put in the extra effort to satisfy her student and parent as well. So far I have never had any issues or worries. I hope the teachers at Taleem e Quran keep up their good work.


29 Jan 2015

  It's a feedback on my experience with Taleem-e-Quran teaching Program. So far, a good experience, my son's Daniyal teacher is a caring and responsible teacher like her way of teaching and would like my son to continue learning his Quran teaching with her.  

Saima Ahsan:
29 Jan 2015

  My son Tayyab is student of this Quarn academy from last 1 year .I am happy with all sort of services they provide. I recommend to other people as well to join them.

Thank you  

Mr. & Mrs.N P Tahir:
24 Jun 2015

  This e-mail is in reference to Tahir family.

We are quite happy for the outcome of our children study of Quran and appreciate your department and teachers for their assistance and hard work very much.

May Allah Almighty bless you all.  

Abdul Qawi Khan:
24 Jun 2015

  Arooba Adeel is currently studying Quran Pak from Taleem-e-Quran. We appreciate the quality of education that this centre is providing to our child as she is getting online Quran reading knowledge from best teacher.  

Lubna Rizwi:
24 Sep 2015

  May Allah give jazaulkhair to all the staff members and teachers of this Academy.

Taleem e Quran is one of the best institutes. All the staff members are really cooperative and well mannered. My daughter's mahrukh and mahnoor are the students of Naila Raza and i think she is one of the best teachers of Taleem e Quran. She really worked very hard and she must be awarded for that. Her way of teaching is excellent. I m very very happy with the way she teach. Mahrukh and mahnoor are really very happy with her.

In the end i would like to say that May Allah gives u more and more success as Taleem e Quran is serving great to all members thanks.  

Nabila Tariq:
24 Sep 2015

  My daughters really like the classes and the teachers are also very nice and helps make learning easier, and they have really improved in their learning and that is why I recommend Taleem e Quran to other people as well.

Thank you.  

Nisar Sirguroh:
23 Sep 2015

  I am very impressed with the classes and how much my daughter has learnt from taking the classes, she can now read the Quran with full Tawjeed and enjoys taking her classes. The teaching staff at Taleem-e-Quran is very friendly and experienced in their teaching approach.  

Mahveen Naveed:
22 Sep 2015

  Miss Hina has so far proved to be an excellent teacher. I am really impressed the way she deals with kids. My son is simply in love with her and waits for her class & it's really an incredible thing because Hamza is such an active child that he never wants to sit & the credit goes to miss Hina. Hats off..... It's been few months but u r Hamza's bestie already. We love d way he recites his surats MA & d way he recognizes alphabets. Great achievements miss Hina!!! I am completely satisfied with her.

Thanks a lot.  

20 Oct 2015

  My kids Sayyada(7yr) and Ali Hasan(5yr) take class from Naila Raza.I am really happy with Naila's way of teaching.she is a very good and fun teacher for my kids.


12 Nov 2013

  It is Shahneela (Meerab Fatimah's Mom), Would like to thank you for the excellent service we received in regards to the Quran Learning of Meerab Fatimah. We are really glad to have a teacher like Miss Farhat Rashid who is so much inspiring for Meerab. I would get this opportunity to appreciate her excellent teaching abilities. I trust, she is indeed an asset for your academy. Undoubtedly, we rank her as one of the best teachers ever for Meerab. Her Passion, creativity, flexibility, integrity and ability to form connection with students are the big big Pluses. I wish to see her teaching Meerab in future as well. I am more than confident in recommending her name to the other friends and family of mine. Here in Australia.  

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